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WWE Superstar To Make A Big Announcement On RAW
February 29, 2016 (03:00) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
Rusev is teasing that he will be making a big announcement on Mondays episode of WWE RAW. He tweeted the following: Tomorrow #RAW is in my city NASHVILLE. stay tune for big announcement. https://twitter.com/RusevBUL/status/704118356798939137 WWE airs RAW live from Nashville, TN at the Bridgestone Arena. Rusev and Lana live in the city. Other superstars who are advertised to appear at the taping include Shane McMahon, The Undertaker, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kane, Big Show, Bray Wyatt and many more. The post WWE Superstar To Make A Big Announcement On RAW appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Joey Ryan On Lucha Underground, His Run In TNA, Inter-Gender Wrestling
February 29, 2016 (02:45) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
Lucha Underground star Joey Ryan recently spoke with Donald Wood, Mike Chiari, and Brandon Galvin of Ring Rust Radio. Here are the highlights. On comparisons between Lucha Underground and Wrestling Society X: The similarities are they both want something different and new and they are striving for that. They didnt want to rehash WWE or whatever the mainstream idea of wrestling is. That is what I fell in love with when they signed me to Wrestling Society X way back in 2006. The execution is a big difference. Not that we didnt have great agents or match makers or great production team in Wrestling Society X, because we did. It was the fact that we didnt have MTV 100 percent behind the product. Obviously, they are a huge network and El Rey is an up and comer and building its base. El Rey is a lot more invested in the product and wants to see it succeed. Thats where MTV could afford to give a million dollar budget to Season 1 of Wrestling Society X and didnt need to worry about building the product because they could afford to just throw that kind of money away because they were MTV. With El Rey, more than any other place I have wrestled in, they make it feel like a family. You know that not only the network and owners and production team are all invested in it, but they really do want to see it succeed. Not just for the wrestlers to be successful, not just for the show, but for the network. It feels like we are all in for one big goal and we are team going for that one goal. I think El Reys investment in the product as well as the talent and wrestlers and all of us pushing forward. On why TNA didnt feature him more prominently: I think they had an idea. When I came in, they obviously felt my fan support and put me in with Matt Morgan, who they were really high on and had big plans for. I think that they just didnt have much direction for us. Thats fine and you can flounder around for a little bit, but then when you go aimless for a while, it feels dead and runs its course. We just kind of start to do the same thing all the time and we lost interest with the management. Hindsight is always 20/20, and I came in with the fans supporting me. My whole shtick there was 87 percent of their audience wanted me on the show and then management would say no. They thought I should have come in like a rebel and babyface-ish because I was representing the people. Their idea was I was being a trouble maker, so I had to be a heel. Which is fine by me, I am a team player and that what the writers wanted at the time. I feel like I would have had more length and story if I would have come in representing the people. Almost like a Steve Austin or a Diamond Dallas Page in WCW feel to it, but thats not the direction they wanted to go. I didnt leave on bad terms with them at least. When they started taking the show out of Orlando and started touring different arenas, I think the expenses got high and they werent drawing the way they thought they would. So they started losing a lot of money and cut me with about 10 or 12 of us. They cut RVDs contract and didnt renew Matt Morgan contract in an attempt to save money. It wasnt like I did anything wrong or they didnt like my work or that we were angry with one another, it was just budget cuts plan and simple, its just business. On inter-gender wrestling: Its kind of crazy. In my mind there is no separation to me, its just wrestling. Obviously, there is that label of inter-gender wrestling as far as the wrestling community goes. I knew Lucha Underground blurs the line of it, and they are the first major company to do that. Candice and I, when we started teaming, we didnt have this idea of we are going to do this thing that is so different and unique. She is the only girl that is active in PWG and then we just thought of joining as a tag team. We didnt put an emphasize in our heads that we were a guy and a girl, but it was really well received and now you see it more in other places. The way I look at it is what we are doing in the ring is making a live action movie. If you have that attitude of guys shouldnt fight girls or I dont enjoy that. In my head, I dont see the difference between that or the inter-gender fighting in Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Avengers when Scarlett Johansson is fighting dudes. I dont see the difference because what we are doing is a live action version of that. In my head, we are an entertainment industry and thats the same. You cant differentiate different fight scenes from one to the other medium. You could say well thats a sci-fi fantasy and what we do is reality fantasy, but still if you are willing to believe an Irish-whip will work and someone will bounce off the ropes and come back to you, then you can believe that a girl can do a pro wrestling move to a guy. Its all your suspension of disbelief. I love the fact thats its becoming a trend and gaining momentum. Now thats there is support from Lucha Underground to do it more at a main-stream level, I think that its the future. People want heroes and they dont want the same old male heroes fighting male villains or female heroes fighting female villains. They want to see it mixed up or something new. You have to be on the cutting edge of this stuff if you want to stay relevant. You can listen to the entire interview here. The post Joey Ryan On Lucha Underground, His Run In TNA, Inter-Gender Wrestling appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Line-Ups For PWGs All-Star Weekend Events
February 28, 2016 (22:30) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
PWG recently announced the line-ups for their All-Star Weekend events that are scheduled for March 4 and 5 in Reseda, California. Check them out here: ASW 12 Night 1 - March 4, 2016 PWG Tag Title match: The Young Bucks vs. IWGP Jr. Hvt. tag champions Matt Sydal & Ricochet PWG champion Roderick Strong vs. Mark Andrews in a non-title match Zack Sabre, Jr. vs. Adam Cole Kyle OReilly vs. Tommy End Chris Hero vs. Marty Scurll Drew Galloway vs. Trent Baretta Chuck Taylor vs. Trevor Lee ASW 12 Night 2 - March 5, 2016 PWG Title match: Roderick Strong vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. Potential PWG Tag Title match: Young Bucks vs. ReDragon Potential PWG Tag Title match: Matt Sydal & Ricochet vs. Chris Hero & Tommy End Adam Cole vs. Trent Baretta Drew Galloway vs. Trevor Lee Chuck Taylor vs. Marty Scurll Mark Andrews vs. Evil Uno   The post Line-Ups For PWGs All-Star Weekend Events appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Sonjay Dutt Talks The Next Step for Global Force Wrestling And Daniel Bryans Retirement
February 28, 2016 (20:30) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
GFW star Sonjay Dutt recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. Here are the highlights. What's next on the horizon for Global Force Wrestling I think the number one question is when are we going to see it on TV and that is the next step. What I've learned is trying to get 52 weeks of television content on a major cable network is not the easiest thing in the world or the quickest thing to do but that is the next step for Global Force and 2016 is just starting and this year we've made quite the leeway in those regards and I think that the further along we get here in this year, the more announcements we are going to be able to make and hopefully sooner then later we can get our content on television and really show wrestling fans how we are trying to be different and what type of program we are trying to present. Has Global Force Wrestling considered going the streaming route with presenting their television: Initially we've discussed it and still those discussions are on the table. We've discussed all digital platforms. Technology and entertainment are ever evolving and some stuff that was around a year ago isn't around now and new stuff comes and goes and we are trying to figure out what the best route is to showcase Global Force whether it be on cable television or whether it be through a digital or a streaming service like a Netflix, and all of those options are absolutely 100% on the table. The "old school" style Stadium tours that Global Force presented last summer: I loved them. They are just so different from your regular arena setting and your regular arena shows and honestly on a nice summer day what is better than sitting in a ballpark watching pro wrestling. It's a cool atmosphere and a cool environment. We've got a lot of families and a lot of kids coming around and there is a nostalgia factor to it as well and at all of our ballpark shows we've had a legend of pro wrestling come and sign and it was a good time across the board. The Global Force roster being one of the most underrated rosters in wrestling: I think that the name of the game of any start up pro wrestling company is getting the word out there and getting people to know you exist and then you can really showcase your talent which at the end of the day is THE number one thing that sells a pro wrestling company. What we are trying to do is show a different batch of guys out there that you might not know and that is what we were doing on our baseball shows. We would go to these towns and have your regular wrestlers and we would go to these towns to try and find that diamond in the rough and since Independent wrestling is (crazy) thriving throughout the country, just to find out those stars that are regional and nobody knows about and put them on a bigger stage. Reaction to former opponent Daniel Bryan's retirement announcement: I think the number one thing coming from that and it should have hit every wrestler watching is if his brain is supposedly like that, then who knows how many other wrestlers are in that same situation. It's just that we just don't checked, we don't get it checked out and had the rigorous testing that he had. It was obviously sad that someone so talented and so young would be forced to retire. Who knows if me or the next guy who went through the same testing won't find the same thing in our brain. Which is scary to think. Full Episode Download Link: http://tmptow.podomatic.com/entry/2016-02-22T21_00_00-08_00 The post Sonjay Dutt Talks The Next Step for Global Force Wrestling And Daniel Bryan’s Retirement appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Video: Kurt Angle Says He Will Take A Break From Pro Wrestling, Doesnt Plan To Wrestle For TNA Again
February 28, 2016 (20:15) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
Former TNA and WWE star Kurt Angle recently spoke with ESPN in the UK. During the interview, Angle commented on his future in pro wrestling: "Wrestling has treated me very well. I had a great time in WWE, I had a great time in TNA. I'm very proud of my accomplishments, but I'm at a point in my life where, right now, family is more important, and it's time for me to spend more time with them." "I'm gonna take a break from [professional] wrestling, I know that for sure, at least, a year. So we'll see how it goes, and I'll go from there. I'm not gonna say I'm gonna retire. I am pretty much done with TNA. Not sure, maybe down the road, maybe I might come back, but most likely I probably won't, because there's a chance that I might not wrestle again. I just wanna get a feeler this year and see what I wanna do and see where I wanna go." You can watch the interview here: The post Video: Kurt Angle Says He Will Take A Break From Pro Wrestling, Doesnt Plan To Wrestle For TNA Again appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Paul Bearers Son Says The WWE HOF Ring That Appeared On Pawn Stars Was Fake
February 28, 2016 (20:00) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
As noted, on the February 24th episode of History Channels Pawn Stars TV series, a WWE Hall of Fame ring comes into Rick Harrisons' shop. The TV network advertised the ring belonging to WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch. However, it belonged to the late Paul Bearer. A friend of the family brought it in, and $4,000 was offered, but the man declined the offer. In an update, Paul Bearer's son Daniel Moody noted on Facebook that the ring that appeared on the show was fake and was not Bearer's ring. The post Paul Bearer’s Son Says The WWE HOF Ring That Appeared On Pawn Stars Was Fake appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Robbie E On TNAs Deal With Pop TV And The Future Of The Promotion
February 28, 2016 (20:00) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
TNA star Robbie E recently spoke with Tom Feaheny about various topics. Here are the highlights. On TNAs deal with Pop TV: I think Pop has been great for Impact Wrestling, they have welcomed us with open arms, it is a win win for everyone, they are also in more homes now, Destination America, werent welcoming us, it was weird as we were the highest rated show on there. On his goals: World title gold is the only thing missing from me being a grand slam champion in Impact Wrestling, though I think people forget I have held all those championships. On rumors about the future of the company: Dixie Carter never wants the company to go, people will say things about us, but we are still here. You can listen to the interview here. The post Robbie E On TNAs Deal With Pop TV And The Future Of The Promotion appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Several WWE Divas Appearing On Countdown To The Red Carpet Show Tonight
February 28, 2016 (19:15) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
- Brie Bella, Paige, and Natalya are scheduled to appear on E!s Countdown to the Red Carpet show at 3:40 p.m EST on Sunday before the 2016 Academy Awards to promote Total Divas. - Fellow Total Divas star Rosa Mendes mentioned on Instagram that she will be cleared in one month to return to training. She posted this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCTTKe8O4On/ She gave birth to her first child two weeks ago. The post Several WWE Divas Appearing On Countdown To The Red Carpet Show Tonight appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Spoilers For Several Upcoming Episodes Of Ring Of Honor TV
February 28, 2016 (18:45) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
Ring of Honor held a TV taping on Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada at Sams Town Live. Here are the spoilers for upcoming episodes of ROH TV. Spoilers for the March 14th episode: * ROH TV Champion Tomohiro Ishii defeated Cedric Alexander. * Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian demanded that Chris Sabin apologizes to them for what he did. Sabin and Alex Shelley came out and demanded a match with Daniels and Kaz. However, Daniels refused the match. * Mark and Jay Briscoe beat Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend * Hiroshi Tanahashi and Michael Elgin beat Young Bucks. Post-match, The Addiction attacked the Bucks, and the Motor City Machine Guns made the save. Spoilers for the March 21st episode: * Roderick Strong defeated Adam Page, Moose, and Matt Sydal. * Adam Cole did an interview saying he would be the next world champion. Matt Taven returned, and told Cole that he is no longer part of the Kingdom and that he would be forming a new Kingdom. * Cheeseburger vs. a jobber ended when Kenny King & Rhett Titus attacked both guys. War Machine and the Briscoes made the save. * ROH Champion Jay Lethal beat Hirooki Goto. Post-match, Donovan Dijak returned with Prince Nana and kicked Martini. Martini laid motionless, and they did an injury angle. Spoilers for the March 28th episode: * Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly beat Kazuchika Okada & Gedo * Adam Cole beat Kushida with a brainbuster. * Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley beat Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian. Post-match, Daniels, and Kaz beat down the tag team until Young Bucks; Kushida & Matt Sydal made the save. Spoilers for the April 4th episode: * ROH Tag Champions War Machine defeated Rocky Romero & Trent Baretta. * Donovan Dijak & Prince Nana did an interview in the ring. Jay Lethal and Dijak ended up brawling. * Kenny Omega beat ACH. * Dalton Castle beat Silas Young. The post Spoilers For Several Upcoming Episodes Of Ring Of Honor TV appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Jim Ross Blogs: Shane McMahons WWE Return, The Undertaker, Triple H Working Live Events
February 28, 2016 (17:15) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website where he gives his thoughts various topics. Here are the highlights. On Shane McMahons WWE return: We're being deluged here on the site and elsewhere including Twitter @JRsBBQ with questions on Shane McMahon's return to the WWE that many witnessed last Monday night on RAW. Shane's return was one of the most emotional moments that has been featured on RAW in years. Being asked to cast judgment on this storyline is borderline incredible and I simply have chosen to wait and see how this matter plays out before joining the maddening throng of fans who have either already declared it a failure of the best thing ever. On The Undertaker appearing on RAW: This Monday's RAW with Undertaker scheduled to be on the broadcast to ostensibly answer the challenge will add significantly to this storyline and perhaps clear up the matter for some fans who seemingly have everything figured out regarding it. On Triple H working live events: Apparently HHH is going to wrestle some live events before Wrestlemania which is imperative in my view. HHH is a perfectionist and being able to wrestle bouts on the road to Wrestlemania especially if he dances with Roman Reigns in some form is strategic. Back in the day, I used to book some PPV bouts in the live events so that the talents could establish an outline of what they wanted to do in the PPV's. You can read the entire blog here. The post Jim Ross Blogs: Shane McMahons WWE Return, The Undertaker, Triple H Working Live Events appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Top Ten Shane McMahon Moves
February 28, 2016 (16:15) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
The post Top Ten Shane McMahon Moves appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
News On Future WWE DVD Releases, Fastlane DVD To Be Released In April
February 28, 2016 (04:15) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
- WWE plans to release the following DVDs this year: The U.S. Championship, NXT Greatest Matches, Hardcore, Attitude Era Vol. 3, ECWs Craziest Moments, and True Story of Royal Rumble. - WWE will be releasing the Fastlane 2016 pay-per-view event on DVD on March 29th in the United States, April 6th in Australia, and April 25th in the UK. The pre-order price of the DVD is $9.99 here on Amazon.com. Here is the synopsis for the DVD: Who will come out on top in WWE Fastlanes Triple Threat Match and go on to face The Game for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania: Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose? The thrilling series of matches between newly crowned Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler turns golden at WWE Fastlane as Kevin Owens puts his Intercontinental Championship on the line. Plus many more matches from all your favorite WWE Superstars and Divas! The post News On Future WWE DVD Releases, Fastlane DVD To Be Released In April appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Former WWE Diva Gets Married
February 28, 2016 (02:30) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
Barbie Blank, who went by the name Kelly Kelly while in WWE, got married to Sheldon Souray in Mexico on Saturday. "I couldn't be happier!" Blank told E! News. "Tonight was the most magical, incredible night and I'm officially Mrs. Souray! I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have married my best friend!" Blank posted these photos on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCRY5qzx_9S/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BCS5SnPR_3P/ The post Former WWE Diva Gets Married appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
John Morrison On Being The Face of Lucha Underground And Who Can Also Emerge As A Star
February 28, 2016 (02:00) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
John Morrison recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. Here are the highlights. Being the face of Lucha Underground and what makes the difference in creating a world outside of traditional wrestling: One of the cool things about Lucha Underground is since day one everyone involved has done a really good job creating a world that feels self contained, free of some of the constraints that wrestling shows have. So being this larger then life and somewhat supernatural world of Lucha Underground it feels as if the characters are multi faceted and have more layers and depth than any wrestling show. The characters are darker also and that accompanies the feel of the production of Lucha Underground being almost like a gritty action film. It's really cool for me to be a part of and I like that you called me the face of Lucha Underground because I'm one of the only dudes not wearing one of those funky masks. The Temple being the key environment for the Lucha Underground product: I think so. I got the chance to work in the warehouse where we shoot Lucha Underground a few years back while doing a movie with Danny Trejo and in that movie we were shooting the warehouse and it was supposed to be beneath the subway system in New York. There was no set then and at the time it was a really dirty, gross, dingy warehouse and it felt like it was a good double for the subways of New York and with the Lucha, it's still a dirty, dingy warehouse but that is how it's supposed to feel and I feel like that vibe permeates "The Temple" and it almost comes across through the camera the feel and the energy of the place. Seasons of wrestling being the next step for pro wrestling: I don't know. I always felt that live wrestling is one of the coolest things about wrestling. There are pros and there are cons to everything. The look of Lucha Underground requires post production and you can't have a live wrestling show in that way that Lucha does. As far as the evolution of wrestling from my standpoint as a pro wrestler, the seasons are great. If there is a season that means there gets to be an off season to recover and have a little bit of a personal life which you don't get if you are working year round. It also presents the option of both who will become champion storylines or who screwed who to become number one contender. The options with the seasons of Lucha Underground open up and have become like a TV show where we can have much more personal history for each wrestler and between wrestlers and much much more back story that can be developed and that is something that I feel people watching Lucha Underground are really identifying with. Wrestling fans aren't stupid, wrestling is a very sophisticated thing and this is the first time that these layered characters are presented in this way and that I feel is the future of wrestling. How his feud with Prince Puma renewed his love for wrestling: Prince Puma / Ricochet is I think athletically the most talented wrestler performing currently. To be able to feud with him is amazing. It really has made me passionate about wrestling again. Being apart of Lucha Underground has given me the opportunity with King Cuerno and Phoenix, Son of Havoc, Helico and a lot of the roster to think about wrestling in a way that I never did with WWE. Because of that I feel like my idea of wrestling and psychology has been affected for the better. Looking forward to working Rey Mysterio again and their history together dating back to MNM's debut in WWE: That's one of those questions that is hard to describe with words. He is one of the guys that when you are standing in the ring and his music plays you get goosebumps. When I was in MSG and MNM debuted and him and Eddie (Gueerero) were walking to the ring, I can barely describe the mix of excitement and adreniline and a little bit of anxiousness and nervousness that washes over you and I still feel that when I am in the ring with him. He is maybe the most famous, well known "Luchador" of all time and everybody that has worked with him praises his talent in the ring and just who Rey is outside the ring too. Immediately being thrust into working with legends like Eddie Guerrero and Mysterio and being in awe of his position: A lot of my WWE career you find yourself standing in the ring when Eddie Guerrero's music plays or the Undertaker's music hits or Shawn Michaels music hits and every once in a while you think, I remember watching WrestleMania's and Summer Slam's with my friends when I was a kid and going nuts when that music hit and now I am standing in the ring with Undertaker or here comes Eddie. It's to me all about being a pro wrestler and having that be my life. Advice he received from his tag team partner Joey Mercury and how Mercury was a mentor of his: A lot of times your mentors are people that are much older than you. But Joey and I are about the same age and the only difference is he started wrestling when he was 14 and by the time our paths crossed he was almost a ten year veteran. His mind for the business of wrestling and the psychology of wrestling even then was on another level. There was one TV taping that we were at in OVW where he laid out his idea and Bill Demott dropped his papers and said Joey you should just run this place and that was 2004. Being able to be around that and learn from Joey and see what he thought about and learn from Joey about telling stories in the ring and figure out the business of a match and working for the pop. He used to use different metaphors and one was about a piggy bank. Every time you crack open a piggy bank you start from zero and to build a story during a match you are building a piggy bank and you have to decide when it is time to break it open and get a reaction and the more full the piggy bank is the more of a reaction you will get from the crowd. He had dozens of different metaphors and analogies to wrestling like that. The post John Morrison On Being The Face of Lucha Underground And Who Can Also Emerge As A Star appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Finn Balor Posts Another Bulletproof Photo
February 27, 2016 (23:30) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
NXT Champion Finn Balor posted two photos on Twitter earlier this week, which has led to speculation that a new group called Bulletproof" is coming to NXT: Balor posted another teaser on Saturday with the hashtag #Monday. https://twitter.com/wwebalor/status/703650301593722881 Balor was in NJPWs Bullet Club faction along with Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. As noted, Gallows and Anderson are headed to NXT in March. Anderson has completed his commitments to NJPW and Gallows has a few more dates to complete with the company. The post Finn Balor Posts Another Bulletproof” Photo appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Jeff Jarrett On Global Force Wrestling Heading To The UK And GFW Amped
February 27, 2016 (22:00) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
Founder of Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett recently joined the Multi-time Award Winning The Rack. In a nearly 15 minute interview, Jeff discussed Global Force Wrestling coming to the UK in March, GFW coming to Wrestlecon, his thoughts on AJ Styles heading to WWE, his take on Magnus being the first GFW Champion, an update on the GFW Television Situation and more. Here are the highlights. How UK Audiences compare to others around the world: Obviously each country has their cultural differences. You go to Japan the crowd reacts one way, you go to Mexico they react another. In the United Kingdom we call it Soccer, they call it Futbol, the Futbol crowds are very very rowdy, I think from a cultural point of view there is a lot of rowdiness to it, but when you meet folks in the Meet & Greats, they are very knowledgeable of professional wrestling and the history of professional wrestling. I guess I would say that the momentum has been building for years and years now there (in the United Kingdom) and now the Independent Scene is just red hot there. Update on the GFW Amped Television Product: There is a lot of updates, we will be having an update, in what I like to call LA Based here if not this week, for sure next week and that will be a game changer that is for sure for us. I am very excited to spread the news. On the international front we are going to continue to work the contracts. Amped is coming to your television sets to your home very very soon. On Nick Magnus Aldis being the first GFW Champion: Nick checks a lot of the boxes I will say that as far as from bell to bell being a phenomenal wrestler, very personable at the meet & greets with kids and people of all ages. Many years ago I took him to India with me, I know before then but over there we shine a real light on him and as we say in the business, he took the ball and ran with it and was very successful. Nick has earned it, he's a special talent, but he has earned it as he has earned everything he gets because he works hard. Going back to TNA and was closure needed: I don't believe closure was needed, if you ask my wife Karen(Jarrett) she got closure and she thinks I got closure, but for me I try to do my best and not look in the rear mirror and look forward. I knew it was a great opportunity to create brand awareness for Global Force Wrestling. I can look at our digital numbers and know it was a success. Not only were we exposed on Destination America to millions of fans but all around the world in India, all throughout Europe, South Africa and just everywhere TNA's footprints are, the Global Force Wrestling Brand was exposed and that was a big success. On AJ Styles joining WWE: Last Year when we went over to New Japan and brought Wrestle Kingdom 9 here, me and AJ got a chance to reconnect and that was fun, what a spectacular event that was for us, Wrestle Kingdom 9 was a tremendous success. AJ has always had the skill set and as you said, had a lot of success in Japan. They did the deal where they brought me into the Bullet Club and that was a lot of fun. The timing was right, WWE is the leader in the marketplace for a lot of reasons, they like to do things the right way and they saw the opportunity to bring the phenomenal one on board and I couldn't be happier for his success. On being a part of Wrestlemania: Everyone ofthem is special, as it is the grandest stage of them all. You can pick the one in Philadelphia (Wrestlemania 15) where I teamed with Owen (Hart) was special, my intercontinental title match with Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) in Hartford (Wrestlemania 11) was special, all of them I enjoyed. Listen to the interview here: http://wildtalkradio.com/rocknsock/therack/therack022516.mp3 The post Jeff Jarrett On Global Force Wrestling Heading To The UK And GFW Amped appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Devon Dudley Speaks On His Return To WWE And WrestleMania 32
February 27, 2016 (22:00) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
Devon Dudley appeared on 93.1FM WIBC in Indianapolis, Indiana to promote WWE. Here are the highlights. On keeping the Dudley Boyz WWE return a secret: "Well, there [were] three, no, four or five people that knew we were coming back. And when you work for Vince McMahon, and he tells you, 'don't open your mouth,' you don't open your mouth." Dudley continued, "we're in this world where everything is found out because of social media and we were happy we were able to keep that on lockdown and it didn't get out. And the surprise at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn [New York] was incredible. I told my family, I said, 'if I die tomorrow, I'll be okay' because the ovation we got when we came back, I don't think we ever predicted that would happen." On his favorite moment of his career: "I think what stands out the most [are] the TLC matches that we had with the Hardys and Christian and Edge, which [are] being talked about even to this day. WrestleMania 17 was truly a day that I don't think any of us, the [six] of us, will ever forget. We created history. We helped steal the show at WrestleMania that year and to be able to do that with such names as The Rock, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, The Big Show, Mick Foley, to have guys like that, Undertaker, Kane, on the card, and for us to be able to do that, that was amazing." On if WrestleMania 32 can break WrestleMania 3s attendance record: "WrestleMania is truly the granddaddy of them all. In terms of sports entertainment, there is nothing like WrestleMania." Dudley added, "you're looking at 100,000-plus people that [are] probably going to be in Dallas [Texas] and that is probably going to be a record in itself because, remember, WrestleMania 3 broke an indoor attendance record of 93,173 people. So, to be able to shatter that record at WrestleMania 32, this is going to be great. I'm excited for it." Click here to check out the entire interview. The post Devon Dudley Speaks On His Return To WWE And WrestleMania 32 appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Nikki Bella Says She Got Amazing News From Her Doctor
February 27, 2016 (22:00) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
- Nikki Bella, who underwent surgery to fix a badly herniated disk in her neck, mentioned on Instagram that she recently went to the doctor and got such amazing news. She posted this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCQpZN1ikMN/ She will be out for six months then will find out if she can compete again. The post Nikki Bella Says She Got Amazing News From Her Doctor appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
WWE To Announce The Next Inductee For The Hall Of Fame Soon " Complete Details
February 27, 2016 (22:00) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
WWE is expected to announce that The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael "PS" Hayes, Buddy Roberts, Jimmy Garvin, & Terry Gordy) will be going into the 2016 class of the WWE Hall of Fame in the next few week's. Kevin Von Erich will be inducting the group. WWE has already announced that Sting and The Godfather will be inducted into the HOF. Former WWE Women's Champion Jacqueline and Regis Philbin are two names that are rumored to be inducted. The 2016 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony takes place on Saturday, April 2, the night before WrestleMania 32, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas at 6:30 p.m. local time. Source: Pwinsider.com The post WWE To Announce The Next Inductee For The Hall Of Fame Soon – Complete Details appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...
Alistair Overeem Says He Would Fight Brock Lesnar In WWE
February 27, 2016 (22:00) [ Indexed from Wrestling-Edge ]
Current UFC heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem was asked at Fridays UFC Fight Night 84 Q&A in London about giving Brock Lesnar a rematch at some point down the road. "The Brock Lesnar fight?" Overeem said with a smile on his face. "Maybe one day in WWE -- when I retire from real fighting." You can watch it here: Overeem knocked Lesnar out back at UFC 141 in 2011 and marked Lesnars last MMA bout. The post Alistair Overeem Says He Would Fight Brock Lesnar In WWE appeared first on Wrestling-Edge. More...

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